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ULTRACAST 360, a versatile and high-performance concrete mix for 3D casting applications. It captures fine details, achieves exceptional density, and offers consistent color and a smooth finish, making it perfect for both artistic and functional projects. With easy coloring options and minimal post-processing, ULTRACAST 360 sets a new standard in concrete casting.

What to expect from ULTRACAST 360:

  • High Definition Detail: This mix is designed to capture even the finest details, making it ideal for intricate molds and artistic creations.
  • Exceptional Density: ULTRACAST 360 achieves remarkable density due to its precise blend of cements, pozzolans, admixtures, and aggregates. The range of aggregate sizes ensures optimal particle packing, resulting in ultra dense concrete.
  • Consistent Color: It offers uniform color throughout, which is crucial for aesthetic projects where color consistency is desired.
  • Strength and Durability: Known for its strength and durability, ULTRACAST 360 produces concrete that is built to last.
  • Ease of Use: Despite its advanced properties, it remains simple to use, accommodating different application techniques from dry to highly flowable mixes.
  • Coloring Options: It is a white mix that can be easily colored as needed, providing flexibility in achieving desired aesthetics.
  • Smooth Finish: ULTRACAST 360 virtually eliminates pinholes and surface imperfections, resulting in a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Versatility in Applications: It can be adjusted to different consistencies, ranging from a dough-like mix suitable for sculpting to a highly fluid, self-consolidating mix that fills complex molds effortlessly.
  • Reduced Finishing Work: Due to its excellent flowability and filling capabilities, it requires minimal post-processing and finishing work.
  • Detail Filling: Capable of reaching into the smallest mold crevices, ensuring that intricate details are faithfully reproduced.

Achieving these qualities is the result of rigorous testing involving a precise blend of various cements, pozzolans, admixtures, and aggregates. ULTRACAST 360 incorporates aggregate sizes ranging from as small as 1 micron (1/100th the diameter of a human hair or 1/1000th of a millimeter) up to 500 microns (35 sieve). This wide range of aggregates ensures optimal particle packing, resulting in some of the densest concrete attainable.

Technical Info:

  • Coverage: One bag will cover approximately 9 square feet at 1/2" thick or 4.5 square feet at 1" thick.
  • Cement Content: Contains 22.5lbs cement per 45lb bag of ULTRACAST 360.
  • Standard color: white (add up to 2.25lbs pigment for desired color).

Instructions for use:

Materials Needed:

45lb ULTRACAST 360 bag mix

Large Mixing bucket (7 gallons or larger)

P-120 Premium Superplasticizer (water reducer)

Mixer (Dual paddle or forced action style recommended)

1-1.5lb AR Glass Fibers or equivalent

Safety gear: Gloves, dust mask, eye protection

Step 1 (Mixing material)

  1. In a clean mixing bucket add 5.75-6.5lbs clean cool water per 45lb bag.
  2. Depending on desired fluidity add 60-100 grams of P-120 Premium plasticizer to batch water and mix until fully dissolved (If adding pigments you can add up to 2.25lbs/bag at this time as well).
  3. Add approximately 80% of ULTRACAST 360 mix to water/plasticizer blend and mix well.
  4. Add remaining balance of mix to bucket and continue mixing until thoroughly blended. Note:  mix will seem stiff and dry at first until plasticizers fully activate. Mix consistency should be dough like for a hand placed mix and a thin milkshake consistency for direct casting.
  5. Alow mix to rest for 5-10 minutes.  After rest period a more fluid mix is desired, cautiously add additional P-120 or Optimum 380 Premium Plasticizers to desired consistency. 
  6. Reinforcement: For best results, add 1-1.25 lb of 1/2” AR Fibers per 45lb bag. Other reinforcement options are available. Visit our website for more mix recipe recommendations.

Important considerations:

Ideal working temperatures: ULTRACAST 360 works best when the mix temperature is between 60-70 degrees F.  It is recommended to purchase an infrared temperature gun to gauge mix temp.  When mixing in cold weather you may use warm water along with accelerator (Up to 0.25% Fishstone’s Set Boost Pro.  On hot days you may replace some or all of your mix water with ice or use a chemical retarder such as Delay Set.  Note: colder temps will delay the set while warmer temperatures will speed up the set.

Primary Reinforcement:  Primary reinforcement is required and reinforcement type can vary based upon the project at hand.  For most applications we recommend ½”AR Glass Fibers for best results.  If using AR Fibers they should be added at the end of the mixing cycle and be careful to not over-mix the AR glass fibers as they are designed to stay in groupings and not break apart.  Another popular option is to add 0.5lbs of PVA-100 fibers which should be added at the beginning of the mix cycle as PVA are designed to break apart. Note:  Adding the fibers will tighten up the mix so it is a good idea to make the mix slightly wetter than you ultimately want.

Step 2 (pouring)

  • Pour mix slowly into the mold. This will allow all air to easily escape
  • Pour into the lowest point in the mold and allow the mix to flow out from one point. Avoid pouring from multiple locations.
  • Vibration is not required but will facilitate faster spread rates on larger molds
  • For tall verticals, eliminate lift lines by using a stick to agitate the mix and ensure a homogenous look.

Step 3 (curing)

When you are done casting…. Allow mix to reach initial set (when mix stiffens enough that it light amount of pressure to indent it). At minimum cover the piece with a sheet of plastic to hold the moisture in allowing the concrete to cure & hydrate properly.  Keep covered for a minimum of 24hours.  If leaving in the mold longer mist with water daily to increase hydration. 

Step 4 (removing from mold and processing)

After a minimum of 24 hours you may demold but keep in mind the concrete is still young and won’t develop ultimate strength for 28days.  It is advised to at minimum sand with 220 grit abrasive or clean off any residue with a mild acid like Fishstone’s Clean & Etch.

Step 5 (Sealing)

For ultimate stain protection we recommend sealing using a good concrete sealer.  We recommend U-Seal which has proven to work extremely well with this mix.


Be sure to read and follow all instructions on label and always wear an appropriate respirator, eye protection & gloves when handling material.  Refer to product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for further information. WARNING: CONTAINS FREE SILICA, DO NOT BREATHE DUST. Prolonged exposure to dust can cause delayed lung injury (silicosis). IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has determined that there is sufficient evidence in humans for carcinogenicity of inhaled crystalline silica.  For industrial use only. See Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for detailed information.