PVA Fibers

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PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) fibers are an ultra high performance fiber for concrete and are unique in their ability to create a fully-engaged molecular bond with mortar and concrete that is 300% greater than other fibers. Specifically designed for use in concrete products for the purpose of controlling plastic shrinkage, thermal cracking and improving abrasion resistance they meet the requirements of ASTM C-1116, Sec. 4.1.3 and AC-32 at 1.0 lb ( .45kg) per CY.

Mixing - add directly to the mixing system during or after the batching of the ingredients and mix at high speed for a minimum of five minutes.  Additional mixing does not adversely affect the distribution or overall performance of the fibers. A water reducer or super-plasticizer is recommended in concrete products where improved workability and finish are desired.

Storage & Shelf Life - store in a dry location, protect product from the rain.