FISHSTONE Clean & Etch Concentrate, Gallon

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FISHSTONE-Clean & Etch is a water based concentrated, non-hazardous, biodegradable cleaner for preparing concrete surfaces for coatings, sealers or stains.

  • High reaction equal to traditional acid cleaners without the same hazards
  • Concentrated formula allows for easy dilution and cost savings
  • No harmful fumes or objectionable odors


Although non-corrosive to skin wear splash resistant goggles and impervious gloves when handling Clean & Etch.  Test product before using on final project. 

Can be diluted with up to 4 parts water to 1 part Clean & Etch. 

The use of a plastic pump sprayer is recommended.  Do not use any metal sprayers.

Work product into surface using an acid brush.  Etching should take place immediately and will generate a foam or fizzing reaction with the concrete. 

Allow Clean & Etch to remain on surface for 5-15 minutes followed by a thorough wash down with water until surface is free of all cleaner residue. 

Allow surface to dry completely and check surface pH before applying any subsequent stains or sealers to make sure it is neutral.