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FISHSTONE-LITHIUM  is a long lasting permanent sealer that works by reacting with free lime (calcium hydroxide) that is present in the normal cement hydration process.  FISHSTONE-LITIUM becomes part of the concrete and cannot chip, lift or peel. This sealer is commonly to- coated with FISHSTONE-SATIN ACRYLIC for additional stain protection.

  • Decreases permeability of the surface
  • colorless, odorless, penetrating
  • Coverage 200-500 sq. ft
  • Active Solids 19%
  • Contains no VOC's

Application: Completely saturate the surface to be sealed with FISHSTONE-LITHIUM sealer, then continuously work the sealer into the surface by stiff brush or poly pad for a minimum of 20 minutes.  The Idea is to keep the concrete hydrated with sealer without allowing it to puddle.  After the 20 minutes has elapsed, any remaining material should be rinsed off and allow to dry.  A second lighter coat can be applied in similar fashion to increase the effectiveness of the sealer.  If FISHSTONE-LITHIUM is allowed to puddle and dry a white residue may remain on the surface.  this white residue is primarily excessive potassium or lithium carbonate salts and are difficult to remove

 Note: Use of Pozzolans greater than 10% cement replacement will limit reactivity.  Concrete should be cured for a minimum of seven days prior to application. and application should be between 55ºF - 90ºF and preferably not in direct sunlight.