P-120 Superplasticizer

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Experience the unparalleled performance of Fishstone’s P-120, an exceptional powdered superplasticizer meticulously crafted for Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) enthusiasts seeking superior results. Crafted to elevate concrete projects, P-120 boasts a remarkable range of benefits, ensuring ease, strength, and longevity in your creations.
Formulated for diverse UHPC applications, this free-flowing superplasticizer embodies self-consolidating and compacting qualities, enabling seamless integration and shaping within your concrete designs. Witness the transformative capabilities of P-120:

1. High Flow: Enhancing mix fluidity, P-120 grants effortless maneuverability, allowing your concrete to smoothly adapt to intricate molds and designs.

2. Reduced Mixing Time: With incorporated wetting agents, experience shorter mixing durations, streamlining your workflow and increasing overall efficiency.

3. Extended Working Time: Enjoy an extended window for precision and finesse in your work, thanks to P-120’s prolonged open working time, ensuring meticulous detailing and adjustments.

4. Rapid Strength Development: Witness accelerated early-stage strength development, providing structural integrity and stability soon after application.

5. Enhanced Long-Term Strengths: P-120 contributes to increased compressive and flexural strengths, fortifying your UHPC projects for enduring durability.

6. Minimized Shrinkage: Say goodbye to concerns about concrete shrinkage, as P-120 helps in reducing shrinkage, ensuring your creations maintain their intended form over time.

7. Versatile Usage: This superplasticizer seamlessly integrates into virtually all mix designs, offering adaptability and reliability across a spectrum of concrete applications.

Recommended for optimal results, the dosage of Fishstone’s P-120 ranges from 0.2% to 1% of the total cementitious weight, allowing for precise control and customization based on your project requirements.

Elevate your UHPC endeavors with Fishstone’s P-120, where innovation meets reliability, delivering concrete solutions that exceed expectations.


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    Posted by Jon on Jan 18th 2023

    Works really well compared to other water reducers. Just a teaspoon and my mix went from dry to wet fast.