Standard HP50, High Performance Bag Mix, 50lb

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Fishstone is pleased to introduce a new way to make concrete!  What if you could start with a universal mix and use it right out of the bag and easily customize it for different applications, and be cost effective.

Fishstone Standard HP50 Concrete Mix is a precision blended product with all the base ingredients of a high performance concrete mix including sand, cement, pozzolans & mineral admixtures.  You choose how you will use it…..With minimal additions you can now make a multitude of variations with just one bag.  For a basic high performance concrete mix use Standard HP50 as is or add any additives such as KongKrete polymer, a simple ad-pack like Super Six, GFRC Ad-Pak, Carving Admix or any admixture compatible with Portland cement.  You can even add additional aggregates such as our Featherlight lightweight filler or any decorative aggregates of your choice.

Click here for a list of our favorite mix modifications with HP50

Our Standard mix weighs exactly 50lbs (+-.2lb) so you can feel confident when dosing any additional admixtures or more importantly pigments so you will have very consistent results bag after bag.

For use in premix or cast in place applications

Why use Fishstone standard HP50 mix?

  • Very easy to use…user friendly
  • Save time, eliminate batching or scale errors
  • Consistent high quality ingredients
  • Store one bag for many mix types
  • White color for endless color options
  • Strict tolerances to ensure consistent results

Coverage & Contents:

  • One bag makes .4 cubic feet of concrete and will cover approximately 10 square feet at 1/2" thick or 5 square feet at 1" thick.
  • 25lbs cementitious material per 50lb bag of mix.
  • For integral colors add up to 2.5lbs Fishstone premium pigment per bag

Types of Mixes you can make with Standard HP50 include:

  • HPC (High Performance Concrete): Just add water
  • GFRC-Traditional (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete): Using KongKrete Polymer & Fiber
  • GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete): Using GFRC Admix & Fiber
  • ECC (Engineered Concrete Composition): Using Super Six & Fiber
  • Troweled:  Just add water
  • Lightweight: utilizing Featherlight
  • Vertical mix for carving: with Adpack
  • All other admixtures compatible with Portland cement are ok to use…

Visit our Mix Recipes page for details on specific mixes or Click Here for a downloadable mix matrix 

For orders of 5 bags or more call for freight shipping options and pricing