Featherlight - Concrete Aggregate/Filler

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Fishstone's Featherlite Concrete Filler is a specially coated lightweight concrete aggregate for producing lightweight concrete.  

5 cubic foot box (approx 32lbs) 

Finally a lightweight concrete filler which works well and actually improves the Rheology of concrete.  Featherlight is a puffed glass sphere with a proprietary coating to minimize water absorption and improve work-ability.  Ideal for applications with high variations in thermal expansion like firepits and surrounds

  • Weighs only  6.5lbs per Cubic foot (95% weight reduction compared to typical sand)
  • Average particle size = 30-60 mesh
  • Specific Gravity = 2.3
  • Temperature rated to 1,600 Fahrenheit (Suitable for refractory applications)
  • Minimizes or eliminates cracking caused from thermal expatiation and contraction like firepits and surrounds
  • Acts as flow aid minimizing segregation of plasticized mixes
  • Sold in UPSable 5 cubic Foot Box (approx 32lbs) Also available in bulk sizes  please contact us for details.

Dosage and usage:

  • General loading(By Volume):  1-100% replacement of sand/aggregate.  (Typical dosage 20-30% replacement)
  • Replace 20-30% of Aggregate for general lightweight concrete (reduces overall weight by 25%)
  • Replace 100% to create a non load bearing fill (Ideal for filling hollow GFRC castings)

Sample starting formula (1 cubic foot):