SetBoost Pro, Concrete Accelerator

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When time is of the essence on your concrete project, SetBoost Pro is the answer you've been waiting for. This remarkable concrete acceleration technology is designed to dramatically reduce concrete setting times, empowering you to meet deadlines with confidence and precision.

SetBoost Pro is precision-engineered to cater to the dynamic demands of modern construction. What sets SetBoost Pro apart is its unique ability to accelerate the strength development of concrete without affecting its initial set giving you plenty of working time. After the initial set, SetBoost Pro kicks in fast enhancing the density and strength of your concrete.

Key Advantages of SetBoost Pro:

Remarkable Speed and Strength:

SetBoost Pro accelerates concrete setting times by up to 50%, allowing you to complete your projects efficiently and on schedule. What's more, it significantly enhances the density and strength of your concrete, ensuring superior durability.

No Impact on Color:

SetBoost Pro, with its white powder composition, will not alter the color of your concrete. You can maintain your desired aesthetics without compromise.

Chloride-Free and Corrosion-Resistant:

SetBoost Pro contains no chlorides, making it corrosion-resistant and safe for steel reinforcement. It actively prevents steel corrosion, preserving the integrity of your structures.

Faster Stripping and Reduced Cracking:

SetBoost Pro expedites mold stripping, saving valuable time. Moreover, it effectively reduces curling and cracking, ensuring a smoother construction process.

Versatility for All Concrete Types:

SetBoost Pro is suitable for all types of concrete, from standard mixes to high-performance formulations. No matter your project's specifications, SetBoost Pro delivers.

Ideal for Cold Weather:

SetBoost Pro is the ideal choice for cold weather casting. It not only accelerates setting but also increases strength gains, making it a go-to solution for challenging environmental conditions.

Dosage Recommendations:

Typical Dosing is 1-3% (based on Cementitious material) and up to 5% for same day stripping of the molds. 


  • Add to batch water and mix until dispersed prior to adding to cement for maximum effectiveness.
  • SetBoost Pro is affected by ambient temperatures. The warmer it is…the faster it will kick.