KongKrete™ DRY Acrylic Polymer

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KongKrete™ Dry Acrylic Polymer is a premium, easy to use & disperse, free flowing powder polymer made specifically for the use in high performance concrete. 


  • 5 lb buckets / 25 lb pails / 100lb drums
  • Bulk orders available by request

Benefits of using KongKrete™ Dry Acrylic Polymer:

  • Improves abrasion & impact resistance
  • Easy to disperse - micro-particles included wetting agents
  • Significant Increase in Flexural & Tensile strength
  • Eliminates the need of the 7-day wet cure 
  • Improves transportation as a dry powder
  • UV Stable, Low odor
  • Improved mix workability with less water
  • Improves cement hydration
  • Improved mix adherence to vertical mold surfaces minimzing sag
  • Improved dispersion of color pigment and reduce color variation
  • Improved density of mix (decreased permeability)
  • Reduction of shrinkage or map cracking
  • Stable in Alkali environments(High pH cement)
  • Will not re-emulsify when wet as some polymers do

 KongKrete™ Dry Acrylic Polymer in your mix: 

  • The normal loading of KongKrete™ in a high performance concrete mix is between 3 to 7% to the weight of cement.  The exact amount is determined by the properties desired in the final product.  Generally speaking the higher the amounts of polymer the more water tight and ductile the finished piece will be.  It is recommended to be mixed with other dry ingredients prior to introduction to water.  See ouconcrete recipes page for further information on mix design.

Physical Data:

  • Solids by weight           100%
  • Appearance                  White, free flowing
  • Bulk Density                 .4-.5 g/ml
  • pH                               5.5-7.5

Storage & Shelf Life: 

  • Should be stored in in a cool & dry environment.   With proper storage conditions the normal shelf life will typically be 12 months