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Casting SkinA seamless casting surface for concrete

A revolutionary product for large format concrete casting. Our heavy-duty plastic sheet is designed to produce seamless molds for castings as large as 60” wide and 150’ long without seams, providing an ultra-smooth finish for your concrete creations.

Casting Skinis made from an ultra-smooth plastic that is sold in any length up to 150’. Its high-tack permanent adhesive ensures a solid hold to the substrate without wrinkling or stretching, making it easy to apply and saving you time.

This innovative product is sold in two thickness, 3.4mils(up to 150') and an ultra thick 12 mils (up to 75') plastic that is super smooth for mirror-like castings. It is also reusable for multiple castings, making it a cost-effective solution for your concrete casting needs. You can easily cut it to any size or shape imaginable with a razor knife or scissors, providing you with endless possibilities for your designs.

Casting Skinis perfect for creating large format concrete pieces with an ultra-smooth finish. It saves you time and money and makes your concrete creations stand out with its mirror-like finish. With Casting Skin, you can create seamless, large format concrete pieces that are sure to impress.

Order your Casting Skin today and take your large format concrete casting to the next level.

  • Time saving
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in 3.4 mil or Ultra thick 12 mil plastic
  • Super smooth for mirror like castings
  • Reusable for multiple castings
  • Can easily be cut to any size or shape imaginable with a razor knife or scissors
  • Sold by the lineal foot or full roll.  Example: If you order a qty of 10 (in the 60" wide material) you will recieve a piece that is 120"(10 feet) x60"(5 feet)


  1. Thourouly clean substrate.  surface must be free of bumps or dirt/sand particles. 
  2. Apply Application Solution to the entire surface to be skinned. 
  3. Peel the backing off the Casting Skin and mist a light layer of Application Solution onto sticky side of Skin.
  4. Position on substrate (an extra set of hands may be helpful especially on large surfaces.
  5. Using a squeegee apply pressure to remove excess solution working from the center out to the edges. 
  6. Wait a few minutes before whipping the surface with a soft towel to remove any excess solution. 
  7. Allow skinned surface to set for at least 3-4 hours (but ideally 24 hours) before using.
  8. Trim edges with edge trimmer or sharp razor.
  9. It is important to use a good quality release agent like Cresent 880VOC on Casting Skin prior to concrete casting

Notes and considerations

  • Casting Skin can be softened and manipulated using a small amount of heat.  If using a heat gun use on lowest setting and be careful to not melt the plastic.
  • If applying over a pourous surface like MDF board it is recomended to seal the surface prior to application to insure a good bond.
  • Casting Skin works best with the use of a release agent prior to casting
  • For casting requirements that are over 60" wide Casting Skin may be jointed using the overlap method.
  • Our 12 mil Ultra Thick Casting Skin can be lightly sanded (practice on a small sample piece)
  • Contact Fishstone for more details.




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    Casting skin

    Posted by Justin Burd on Jul 2nd 2023

    This product works awesome if you’re looking to cast long, seamless pieces. Easy to apply to a substrate and use multiple times if you use a form release and take care when demolding casts. Great product with great customer service !