Traditional Sand Mix Design for a Pressed Finish

This mix design is a high performance all around sand mix which can be used for just about any application. The weights in this recipe will produce approximately 1 cu. ft. of concrete. Keep in mind that locally sources materials are different from manufacture to manufacture and also location. With any new mix design you should always test yourself before using on a project! Total cost to produce this mix is $22.00/cu. ft. or only $2.75/sq. ft. at 1.5" thick. Fishstone offers the most cost effective way to produce high performance concrete and the knowledge to back it up.

Traditional sand - wet cast (approximately 1 cubic foot)

• 32lbs Portland (Type 1)

• 8lbs Alto-Pozz 

• 90lbs sand / aggregate 

• 12.5-14.5lbs water 

• 125-200 grams PVA 8mm fibers 

• 40-120ml Optimum 380 superplasticizer
• 10-30ml C-64 Defoaming & Densifying admixture 

Optional additional items

• 1.5-2lbs KongKrete™ Liquid Acrylic Polymer (reduce water by .75-1 lb)
• 6 fluid oz SRA-101 Shrinkage reducing admixture 

• 275-450 grams NCA(non-chloride accelerator) 

• 2.5lbs AR glass fibers 

• As needed VMA (viscosity modifying admixture)- Super Slump Buster