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Super-SIX Ultra High Performance Mix Recipe



Super-SIX-Admix™ is a multi-component proprietary blend of SIX unique admixtures. This premium blend makes it easy to produce Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC), also known as Engineered Concrete Composition (ECC) and Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC). is an admixture designed to produce extremely dense and strong concrete. It will produce mix consistencies’ from self-flowing (similar to pancake batter) to plastic similar to modeling clay. These consistencies are what make Super Six so versatile. This admix is most likely very different than anything you’ve used before so testing and some experimentation is required prior to using in production. Achieving these different attributes comes from the selection of sand, fiber, water ratio, and/or additional plasticizer. Below are some recommendations for achieving these results from Super-SIX.


Super-SIX™ makes self consolidating casting very easy with consistent results. To achieve a fluid self-compacting mixture, ideal for pouring thin flat tile or sculptural pieces, allowing the material to self-level. Some common items would be concrete tile, shower surrounds, table and counter tops. It is recommended to start with a spherical shaped silica sand 30-50 sieve or finer. Dose the water at .30 and the Super six at 5%. Pre-blend your dry ingredients then add about 90% of your batch water. Add the balance of water if a more fluid mix is desired. Mix batch until fluid and homogenous where you should find air bubbles rising to the surface when you stop the mixer. Allow mixture to set for 2-5minutes then remix toughly. If needed, you can add additional plasticizer to achieve desired consistency. Insure your casting table or mold is level as this very fluid mix will seek its own level in the mold. Pour into one location in your mold and allow the mix to flow out on its own. Allow mixture to reach initial set and cover with plastic for 24hrs.


Recomended starting recipe with Super-SIX™ approximately 1 cubic foot

Silica Sand (#40-50 sieve)

62 lbs


62 lbs



 PVA Fibers

.31 lbs (141grams)


3 lbs

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