Primo-Diamond Hand Pads

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PRIMO velcro backed hand pads are our best, most versatile and longest lasting diamond hand pads available.

The unique pattern on the PRIMO hand pads help eliminate scratches, or the lines, that other electroplated hand pads leave behind.  Other hand pads align the diamond dots in a straight line pattern which causes groves or lines when you repeatedly go over the surface.  PRIMO pads use an overlapping pattern eliminating the grooving and effectively removing scratch patterns on your concrete.

  • At 2 3/4" x 5" these hand pads are nearly twice the size of most hand pads giving you more for your money
  • Extremely flexible for complex and tight shapes (can be folded in half without breaking)
  • Often used like sandpaper
  • Can be used with soft flexible velcro rubber handle included in full set
  • Velcro backed for quick load and release
  • Can be cut to fit multi-purpose tooling
  • Set includes 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 grit pads & Velcro Palm Holder