Lightweight Sculptural Vertical Carving Mix, 40lb

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A Unique, high performance light weight concrete overlay that can be applied vertically in thickness from feather edge to 2”.  This mix can be stamped, carved and molded to any shape and texture.  With the right amount of polymer mix it can be used as molding clay.  It can be integrally colored or stained and when applied according to instruction it will have waterproofing capabilities.

  • 56 bags per Pallet
  • One bag covers 6-7 SQ ft at 1" thick
  • Easy to stamp, carve & mold
  • Can be mixed to a paint consistency and rolled onto surface without additional chemicals
  • For vertical applications in thickness from feather edge to 2”
  • Off white in color for endless color options
  • Can be integrally colored
  • Once cured can be polished to high shine
  • Extremely high detail carving can be obtained
  • Extended working times even with warm ambient temperatures
  • Excellent vertical hang

Mixing and Application:


  • Add 1 to 1 1/2 gallon of polymer mix (Polymer mix: Mix 3 parts clean water to 1 part KongKrete polymer modifier) to a 40 lb bag according to desired consistency
  • Mix with a mixer until mix looks homogeneous
  • Wait for 2 Minutes and mix again before starting application


  • Structure Mix can be sprayed, troweled or hand applied
  • Proper training should be obtained before applying this product to achieve consistent results