Leaf Mold Set of 5

Leaf Mold Set of 5
Leaf Mold Set of 5
Leaf Mold Set of 5
Leaf Mold Set of 5
Rubber Leaf mold set makes five beautiful concrete leaves which can be used as a water fountain, garden art, planters, bird feeders or as a base for furniture.  These signature leaf molds are offered exclusively through Fishstone Studio only.  These molds create a stunning realistic leaves. Color or stain to match your environment and no one will know they are not real. WE recommend using a GFRC mix to cast the leaves for years of durability outside.  A mix recipe batch sheet will be provided when you purchase the molds.

Extra Small leaf is 12" diameter
Small leaf is 22" diameter
Medium leaf is 28" diameter
Large leaf is 48" in diameter
Extra large leaf is 66" diameter

Rubber molds are made from highly durable latex rubber and will last for years when kept cleaned and well cared for.  Store your molds in a cool, dry location preferably flat, not stacked to preserve the rubber life..  See the Fishstone Studio Facebook page for a look at the Demo day
Retail: $2,450.00
On Sale: $2,250.00
You Save: 9%

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