55 gallon Drum, KongKrete™ LIQUID acrylic polymer

55 gallon Drum, KongKrete™ LIQUID acrylic polymer
55 gallon Drum, KongKrete™ LIQUID acrylic polymer
55 gallon Drum, KongKrete™ LIQUID acrylic polymer

KongKrete™ is a premium all acrylic high solids polymer emulsion made specifically for the GFRC industry.  KongKrete™ is a water-based, non-hazardous material utilizing the newest and most advanced resin technologies.

55 gallon drum is shipped LTL freight.  Freight shipping is an estimate only.  Liftgate, notification B4 delivery and Residential deliveries are extra.  We will contact you if the shipping is lower or greater than online estimate.

Benefits of using KongKrete™ GFRC acrylic polymer:

  • 55 gallon drum is premium open top HD plastic (not cardboard which can easily be damaged)
  • Complies with PCI plant certification specification Appendix L.
  • Eliminates the need of the 7-day wet cure allowing you to strip your forms much sooner
  • Freeze / thaw stable for shipping wet polymer in winter months.  
  • UV Stable, Low odor
  • Significant Increase in Flexural & Tensile strength
  • Improved mix workability with less water
  • Improves cement hydration
  • Improved mix adherence to vertical mold surfaces without sag of mist/face mix
  • Improved dispersion of color pigment and reduce color variation in panels
  • Improved density of mix (decreased permeability)
  • Reduction of shrinkage or map cracking
  • Stable in Alkali environments(High pH cement)
  • Will not re-emulsify when wet as some polymers do
  • Built in defoamer insures dense concrete and will not foam when mixed with high shear mixers


KongKrete™ in your mix: 

The normal loading of KongKrete™ in a GFRC mix is between 5 to 7% polymer solids to the weight of cement.  The exact amount is determined by the properties desired in the final product.  Generally speaking the higher the amounts of polymer the more water tight and ductile the finished piece will be.  See our concrete recipes page for further information on mix design


Here’s what others are saying about KongKrete™

“MB Custom Mouldings, Inc. has worked with and tested many polymers for our GFRC projects over the years. We are pleased at how well Fishstone’s KongKrete acrylic polymer is performing and experiencing the best results we have in years.  I would recommend KongKrete to anyone who is serious about producing the best architectural products they can.”


MB Custom Mouldings, Joliet, IL


 Physical Data:

  • Solids by weight     50%( ±1%)
  • Specific Gravity      1.06
  • pH                          8-10
  • Lbs /Gal                  8.8
  • Grit                         0-50ppm
  • Film form temp       10 degrees C / 50 degrees F
  • Meets all requirements for PCI Manual GFRC Appendix L- Specification for Polymer Curing Admixture 

Storage & Shelf Life: 

Should be stored in a closed container, in a dry environment at storage temperatures between 40°F & 90°F.  Keep from freezing.

With proper storage conditions the normal shelf life will typically be 9 months if opened and 12 months of unopened containers.

Other uses:

  • Replacement for water in your slurry mix to minimize shrinkage and cracking
  • Use in standard wet cast concrete to minimize curling, increase strength and other benefits 
  • Use in as a bonding agent for patching or bonding-pad repairs

Our Price: $1,450.00

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