Imer Mix 360 Plus (Mortarman) Vertical Shaft Mixer

Imer Mix 360 Plus (Mortarman) Vertical Shaft Mixer

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12 cu. ft. vertical shaft mixer.  Ideal for fast,thorough mixing for precast and GFRC operations.  Batch output 9 cu. ft.

 The Imer Mortarman line up utilizes the newest and most effective design of the mixing blades for a quick homogeneous mix and outstanding unloading speed.  The drum bottom is generously sized to reduce wear and the mixing blades have rubber inserts to clean the mixing drum.  The newly-designed gearbox guarantees torque in the most difficult mixes

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  • 5HP 220v 1phase or 3phase electric motor
  • 11HP Honda Gas motor available
  • Total machine weight 800lbs
  • Adjustable machine height
  • 12cu. ft. drum capacity
  • Max batch output: 9 cu. ft., 800lbs
  • Minimum batch output: 3 cu. ft.

Our Price: $7,775.00

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By: CILLC on 04/18/2014 05:31:33 AM

Mixes Amazing


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