AR Glass Net (Scrim)

AR Glass Net (Scrim)

 AR Glass Net (Scrim), 10x10mm spacing. cut to length

 Takes the advantages of AR glass fibers and weaved into netting to provide ultimate strength.  Conveniently sold in lengths that meet your needs.

  • Sold in 40" widths cut to your specified length (1 foot increments)
  • Also sold in full 540 sq. ft. rolls (40" x 164')
  • Alkali Resistant (AR) Glass Fibers
  • Contains minimum of 16.5+% Zirconia
  • Increase Tensile Strength (three times higher than steel)
  • Increases flexural strength ( twice as much as chopped fibers alone)
  • Use multiple layers to provide ultimate strength
  • Mainly used in GFRC production but works great when high flexibility and strength are needed around sink molds
Our Price: $1.50
Item Options

Roll Length(in Feet)*

Scrim is sold in 36" widths and sold by the foot (12" increments)  or by the full roll (40" x 164').  
Please select whether you would like to purchase by the foot or full roll then enter the desired qty.

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