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UV Cure Coatings & Equiptment

UV Cure Coatings & Equiptment

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FISHSTONE-UV Primer, Gallon

FISHSTONES 100% solid UV-INSTA-CURE Primer can be applied as a thin or thick build system and provides color enhancement (wet look). This product has incredible adhesion and can be used to fill pin holes.

Our Price: $320.00
FISHSTONE-UV Gloss Topcoat, Gallon

FISHSTONES 100% solid UV INSTA-CURE gloss topcoat provides incredible stain and scratch resistant for concrete sealing.

Our Price: $320.00
Mako T, handheld UV curing  light

1200W, 6" handheld UV curing light with instant on and range finder

Our Price: $2,690.00

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