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Release Agents

Release Agents

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Crete-Lease 20-VOC, Gallon

Gallon, Crete-Lease 20-VOC concrete release agent. Water based and ideal for rubber and fiberglass molds.

Our Price: $39.00
Crete-Lease 880 VOC, Aerosol

Aerosol, Crete-Lease 880VOC concrete release agent

Our Price: $19.50
Crete-Lease 880 VOC, Gallon

Gallon, Crete-Lease 880VOC concrete release agent

Our Price: $39.00

Caulk Tooling Aid

Our Price: $11.95
Crete-Lease LATEX mold release, Aerosol

Aerosol, Crete-Lease "LATEX" mold release agent

Our Price: $23.50
Concrete Countertop Caulking Tool

Set of 4 metal ball caulking tool for concrete countertop molding. Produces perfect radius even in corners. Can be used with caulk or clay

Our Price: $24.95
PolyTek Pol-Ease 2300 can

A multi-purpose silicone release agent made of a blend of silicone oils and resins in a convenient aerosol spray can. Pol-Ease 2300 is an effective release for most Polytek rubber products and concrete castings. Brushing out the release with a soft brush can improve results.

Our Price: $20.00
Crete-Lease 20-VOC, Aerosol

Aerosol, Crete-Lease 20-VOC concrete water based release agent

Our Price: $21.50
Spatter Cote 100, Aerosol

Aerosol, Spatter Cote 100

Our Price: $18.95
Hand-D Hand Cleaner

Hand-D Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Our Price: $5.95

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