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40lb, KongKrete™ LIQUID acrylic polymer

Extended Lead time on this item....currently on Backorder. KongKrete™ is a premium all acrylic high solids polymer emulsion made specifically for the GFRC industry. KongKrete™ is a water-based, non-hazardous material utilizing the newest and most advanced resin technologies.

Our Price: $185.00
4 Reviews / 5.0 Avg
Standard HP50, High Performance Bag Mix, 50lb

Standard HP50 is perhaps the most versatile and easy to use bag mix available today. With just one bag you can make a multitude of various mix types.

Buy 1:$24.50 Each
Buy 56+:$20.50 Each
 KongKrete™ DRY Acrylic Polymer

NEW! KongKrete™ Dry Acrylic Polymer is a premium, easy to use & disperse, free flowing powder polymer made specifically for the use in high performance concrete.

Our Price: $68.50
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KongKrete-DRY Container Size*

Fishstone GFRC Bag Mix, 45lb

Fishstone GFRC, 45lb bag (64 bags/pallet) Easy to use and no batching. Contains all of your GFRC components. Simply add water & Fiber to produce time tested GFRC. No errors in weighing out individual components, with consistent results in every bag.

Buy 1:$42.00 Each
Buy 64+:$32.00 Each

Super-SIX-Admix™ is a proprietary blend of SIX different admixtures designed to achieve pinhole free, dense and strong concrete that will free flow in precast molds. Super SIX makes it easy to produce High Performance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), Engineered Concrete Composition (ECC), Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC), also known as and Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC).

Our Price: $49.00
3 Reviews / 5.0 Avg
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Fishstone’s GFRC AD-PAC™ is a multi-component proprietary blend of admixtures & modifiers. This unique blend makes it easy to produce Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). GFRC AD-PAC™ encompasses years of testing & Utilizes the newest and most advanced technologies available with best in class vertical hold and surface characteristics.

Our Price: $49.00
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44lb,  AR Glass Fiber

44LB, AR Glass Fiber

Our Price: $135.00
2 Reviews / 5.0 Avg
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Fiber Length*

AR Glass Net (Scrim)

AR Glass Net (Scrim) cut to length or by the roll. Pay as little as $ .45/sq ft by the foot price or .34/per foot or $185 for the full roll(545 sq. ft.).

Our Price: $1.50
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Roll Length(in Feet)*

Scrim is sold in 36" widths and sold by the foot (12" increments)  or by the full roll (40" x 164').  
Please select whether you would like to purchase by the foot or full roll then enter the desired qty.
3/8" Corner Compaction Roller

Corner Compaction Roller, 3/8"

Our Price: $19.95
1" x 3" Compaction Roller

Compaction Roller, 1" x 3"

Our Price: $19.95
2" x 3" Compaction Roller

Compaction Roller, 2" x 3"

Our Price: $33.95
2" x 9" Compaction Roller

Compaction Roller, 2" x 9"

Our Price: $39.95
1.5lb,  AR Glass Fiber

1.5LB, AR Glass Fiber

Our Price: $12.00
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Fiber Length*

2" x 6" Compaction Roller

Compaction Roller, 2" x6"

Our Price: $35.95
GFRC Backer-Gun

GFRC sprayer hopper gun for spraying of GFRC heavy backer coats

Our Price: $485.00
Premium Silica Sand, 40-50 mesh, 50lb

100% clean silica sand, off white

Buy 1-19:$12.50 Each
Buy 56+:$9.50 Each
Kraft PC401 Gun & Hopper

Quality spray gun & hopper for spraying in mist / face coat on GFRC surfaces and other sand-cement based mortars & slurries.

Our Price: $120.00
PowerSpray, GFRC Mist Coat Spray Gun

Powerspray model MK3 Premium spray gun & hopper for spraying in mist / face coat on GFRC surfaces and other sand-cement based mortars & slurries.

Our Price: $485.00
GFRC Hopper gun stand

GFRC Hopper gun stand

Our Price: $45.00
GFRC Depth Gauge

Designed to accurately measure and check the thickness of your face coat in GFRC

Our Price: $26.95
Professional GFRC Training,

GFRC, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete training for the professional. Dates: Spring 2021

Our Price: $800.00
3 Reviews / 5.0 Avg
PVA-7 Fibers, 1/4" (6mm) long - Sold by the lb

1lb bag PVA reinforcing fibers designed specifically for GFRC face coats

Our Price: $15.00
GFRC Light Use Bundle #20

The perfect amount of supplies to replenish or start learning GFRC. Conveniently bundled to save time and money.

Our Price: $750.00
GFRC Getting Started Bundle #22

Want to get started with GFRC? Here is the perfect assortment of tools and materials to get going. Conveniently bundled to save you time and money.

Our Price: $2,250.00
1 Review / 5.0 Avg
GFRC Compaction Roller Bundle #25

Comes with one each of our most popular compaction rollers

Our Price: $139.50
Metakaolin, 40lb bag

40lb bag Metakaolin

Our Price: $49.95
CSA, 50lb bag

CSA (Cacium Sulfoaluminate Cement) Rapid Hardening Cement

Our Price: $40.00
Rapid Set Cement, full pallet, 35 bags (purple)

Rapid Set Cement is a rapid hardening/curing cement for fast production time.

Our Price: $1,574.30
Federal White Cement, 92.4lb bag, Type 1

Federal White Portland Cement

Our Price: $39.50
GFRC Bulk Use Bundle #30

Call for availability on this itemdue to Polymer lead times For those who produce a large volume of GFRC products. This bundle provides you with the right amount of material to get the job done. NOTE: this bundle ships LTL freight and must be ordered by phone.

Our Price: $4,675.00
 GFRC Cladding Workshop

2 day, hands-on workshop on manufacturing and installing GFRC cladding. Next Class: Spring 2021

Our Price: $950.00

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