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Fishstone Videos

Check out some of our instructional videos

U-Seal Sealer

Crete Barrier Sealer

This video shows how simple it is to apply this premium sealer. The sealer can be applied after polishing and only takes 15-20 minutes. Has good water and oil resistance and works well when combined with a top coat sealer for extra protection.Check out our website ConcreteCountertopSupply.com for more info.


GFRC Training Video

If you are interested in learning professional GFRC, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, training check out this video on what Fishstone has to offer.

Spinning Vessel Mold

Great way to pour concrete into a vessel bowl mold. This method makes a pin-hole free surface without vibrating and gives a unique look to the pigmented concrete swirled in the mold as it spins. For more info on our vessel molds go to www.ConcreteCountertopSupply.com
or call us direct 815-276-0299.
Super-Six Admix

How to Seam Melamine boards for large castings

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