Counter Kare Concrete Countertop Wax, 8oz

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Counter Kare Wax is designed to provide high gloss and high durability to previously sealed counter top surfaces.  Counter Kare wax can be applied over solvent base, water base , and epoxy and urethane sealers.  Counter Kare Wax exhibits excellent gloss, depth, and protection and acts as a renewable wearing surface that extends the life of the base sealer and protects the counter top surface.

Counter Kare Wax is the perfect product to sell or give to your customers for routine maintenance.  Counter Kare wax is available, by special request, without a label so you can use your own company information for your customers.  On orders over 16 units Fishstone will create the label for you with your supplied logo.

  • Non-yellowing
  • Water based
  • Zero VOC's
  • Food Safe
  • Easy to use liquid with flip top lid
  • Protects against food and oil stains
  • Wear resistant carnuba based
  • Lasts up to one year depending on wear
  • Perfect release for fiberglass sink molds



Using a slightly damp applicator wipe Counter Kare Wax onto the surface, applying in a circular hand motion that allows for 20-25% overlap and no missed spots.  Leave for a few minutes and buff with a felt or lambswool buffing wheel.  If needed use a #0000 abrasive pad or Poly Blue Polishing Pad #4 to remove any unevenness.