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Sink Molds

Sink Molds

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Standard Faucet Knockout

Reusable Rubber faucet knock-out

Our Price: $14.95
1 Review / 5.0 Avg
2" Split Face Granite Edge Mold

2" Split Face Granite Reusable Rubber Edge Mold

Our Price: $89.95
 Polisher Extension Set

This set can be used wet or dry and adds many useful functions to your polisher or any 5/8"-11 threaded tool.

Our Price: $68.95
Sink Polishing Bundle #10

This Bundle has everything you need to polish the hard to reach area inside of a sink with your wet polisher.

Our Price: $200.00
Cladding Panel Mold-Squares and Circles

Cladding Panel Mold, 32"x32", Squares and Circles

Our Price: $950.00

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