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C-Grid Carbon Fiber Grid

C-Grid CT275 Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Our Price: $13.50
44lb,  AR Glass Fiber

44LB, AR Glass Fiber

Our Price: $124.95
2 Reviews / 5.0 Avg
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AR Glass Net (Scrim)

AR Glass Net (Scrim) cut to length or by the roll. Pay as little as $ .23/sq ft or $165 for the full roll(545 sq. ft.).

Our Price: $1.25
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Roll Length(in Feet)*

Scrim is sold in 36" widths and sold by the foot (12" increments)  or by the full roll (40" x 164').  
Please select whether you would like to purchase by the foot or full roll then enter the desired qty.
PVA  Fibers 5 LBS

PVA 8mm fibers 5 LBS

Our Price: $49.95
PVA Fibers, 1lb- For GFRC face coats

1lb bag PVA reinforcing fibers designed specifically for GFRC face coats

Our Price: $11.95
1.5lb,  AR Glass Fiber

1.5LB, AR Glass Fiber

Our Price: $10.00
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